Return to Work with Video Analytics

Contact Tracing | Physical Distancing | Occupancy Management

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 | 11 AM. (MST)

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Empower your team to return to work by maximizing the surveillance infrastructure you have already invested in. Learn how to gain the ability to design, assess, and manage your return to work plan through the utilization of intelligent video analytics. See how your team can enable security and ensure public safety with the help of your video’s intelligence.

This live session will provide insights and a demonstration of BriefCam's video content analytics platform for:

  • Efficient contact tracing
  • Enforcing physical distancing
  • Managing store of building occupancy
  • Reducing crowding and hotspots
  • Managing building maintenance and sanitization

In a time where breadth of capability, accuracy, performance and flexibility are the key building blocks to an innovative and extensive video analytics platform, this webinar session will address BriefCam’s product capabilities, as part of a fully integrated solution for forensic video review, real-time situational awareness and business intelligence. 

Providing solutions fit for immediate delivery and integration into your business, IT Partners and BriefCam are empowering companies to safely return to work. Ensure your safety plans are meeting the necessary requirements through your video’s insights.


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